USB Rechargeable Forever Lighter

Product Code: IT-WM-ELE-101

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Price: Rs.1,500 Rs.899

USB Rechargeable Forever Lighter


  • LED Light
  • USB Charger
  • Heated Coil
  • 150 lights over single charge
  • Flameless
  • Wind proof
  • No Gas / Fuel
  • Reusable


Life is becoming very fast and in this fast life you need things that can save your time. If you smoke than you better know the pain of empty lighter. Forever lighter comes as a blessing for smokers! It is a USB rechargeable lighter.

Now you don’t need to refill your lighter from time to time, just attach it with the charger and get 150 lights in single charge. It is a wind proof lighter and flameless and has no gas / fuel. With its easy charging port you can recharge in the car while driving or do it with your computer.

Forever Rechargeable Lighter has a LED light that makes it multipurpose and enhances its features as LED torch and a lighter. So what are you waiting for? Place order for this Rechargeable lighter and make your life easy! Market price of Forever Lighter is Rs. 1,500/- but with you will get this amazing product only for Rs. 888/- at a discount of 41%.