Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

It is the endeavor of Shop Arena to make it a pleasing and satisfying shopping experience for all our customers. It is towards this end that Shop Arena makes every effort to protect the privacy of its customers. To make shopping a smooth and enriching experience, Shop Arena uses information provided by its customers. We encourage our esteemed customers to read our privacy policy to know what information is collected by Shop Arena and how this information is used by the company.

Your personal information is safe and secure with us

We realize the importance of privacy of our customers. This is the reason why never share the personal information of our customers with others. We never sell this information to third parties. The information provided by our customers is only used by Shop Arena to improve their buying experience from us. We employ on the best practices followed by websites around the world and never compromise with the personal information of our clients. We do use emails of our customers and their addresses to send them information about our upcoming offers and deals. However, you have the option of indicating your preference in this regard. You can choose to unsubscribe from our newsletters anytime you so desire.

We disclose personal information about our customers only when it is required by our associates for delivery purposes. We make sure that all your personal information is stored safely and securely and do not allow access to this information to third parties and organizations. We also destroy personal information of our customers when it is no longer needed by us.

Our privacy policy is subject to change from time to time. This is why we encourage our customers to read this policy frequently so that they are aware of modifications that have been made